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Order Fulfilment

No matter the size of your business or the volumes of monthly parcels you ship, our fulfilment solutions can free up valuable time and finances for you.

How many orders do you ship per month?

Take the hassle out of your business by utilising our fulfilment services. Our automated state-of-the-art software and procedures enable your goods to be offloaded, stored, picked and packed fast and accurately with extreme attention to detail at every stage. You will receive a dedicated area within the warehouse reserved for your stock alone, with the same core members of staff being responsible for the handling of your products. Despite the focus on technology, we never lose the human touch.

There is no expensive monthly subscription and you will receive an initial 30 day's worth of storage for free. Below you will find our indicative postage prices but hit the quote button below for your own, bespoke solution.


Indicative pricing, using your own packaging, is based on size and weight, with one item per shipment. For every additional item in the same carton, an additional £0.65 charge will apply. We offer four service types using Royal Mail and DPD; 48 hour Standard, 48 hour Tracked, 24 hour Standard and 24 hour Tracked, with signatures on delivery available at an additional £1.50. For operational reasons, we may upgrade the courier service but you will not be charged for the extra costs. Please note all prices are excluding VAT. Prices below are valid from 01st June 2023.


Don't have your own postal packaging? No problem. Just check out our prices below and add the cost to the postage rate.

0-1,000 Orders Per Month

Shipping less than 1,000 items per month? Take advantage of our subscription-free fulfilment services below, prices include pick, pack and shipping using your own postal packaging.

Domestic Letter & Large Letter Rates

Letter | up to 20g

Products with maximum dimensions of:

16.5cm x 24cm x 0.5cm



48 Hour Standard


24 Hour Standard


48 Hour Tracked


24 Hour Tracked

Optional extras

Per additional item


Our packaging


Signature on delivery


Letter size template with maximum dimensions of 24x16.5x0.5cm and maximum weight of 20g

Domestic Parcel Rates

Small Parcel | up to 1Kg

Products with maximum dimensions of:

45cm x 35cm x 16cm



48 Hour Tracked


24 Hour Tracked

Optional extras

Signature on delivery


Per additional item


Our packaging


Small parcel size showing maximum dimensions of 35x45x16cm and maximum weight of 1Kg

International Postal Rates

Contact us directly to learn more about our international shipping options. A range of options are available from untracked to fully tracked services, sent via a variety of Incoterms.


Sending your goods abroad and therefore growing your export business need not be scary. We can help you along this path, taking the stress and issues that come with it out of your hands. Please contact us to discuss your exporting requirements.

1,000+ Orders Per Month

Shipping over 1,000 orders per month on average? Contact us below directly for a bespoke price, based on your volume and specific requirements.


Product QC and stowage is already included in your storage and postal prices. Upon arrival, goods will move into warehouse Goods In, at which point they will be QC inspected. Any goods which fail QC will be quarantined and you shall immediately be informed of the suspected defects. At this time you will discuss with your account manager what actions you would like to undertake with the products. Options include, but are not limited to minor cleaning, major cleaning, full product rework or product removal. Additional costs may be applicable in these situations but this depends on the level of work required.

Once QC has been passed, your goods will be scanned into the system and stowed in their dedicated locations within the warehouse.

All customers receive an initial 30 days of free storage (excluding pallet storage). Beyond this period, storage charges will apply, as below:

Small storage bin

Weekly storage for one storage bin which can hold approx:

2.5 Litres

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