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Danum Fulfilment; who actually are we?

In this day and age of information overload, sometimes we forget about the people and the stories behind the lens. We have posted about fulfilment topics, Amazon retail, and online business options, but never have we delved into who we are. Well, that's about to change.

Why did the company start?

There was a day, not that long ago, that Danum Fulfilment did not exist; neither did it launch 'with a bang'. The reality is a little more boring than that, whereby our original e-commerce and Amazon seller business grew to a certain size whereby a warehouse was required and staff was necessary. After we grew further we made a switch to Amazon's 'Fulfilled by Amazon' FBA service, which altered the whole concept of how we operated. No longer were we sending parcels out individually; our packing stations were left vacant and our pick bins empty.

We had a choice to make. Either close the warehouse down and outsource to a 3PL, or offer a 3PL and Amazon FBA Prep service to others. We chose the latter. We wanted to offer our experience to other ecommerce sellers, to be a part of their story and help them succeed. We take great pride in playing a vital role as a company's partner.

Once the decision was made, two things mattered; our new name, and a website. We chose Danum Fulfilment. Danum may sound strange to you but where we are located in the United Kingdom, in the City of Doncaster, 'Danum' means a great deal. It was the Roman name of the military Fort which was stationed in what is now the City centre. You learn something new every day, right? Now the website beckoned. We are not ashamed to admit the first version was, politely, rubbish, with a lack of information, structure, and anything else that mattered. However, it was there, on Google, and believe it or not, within mere days of going live, our first customer came through the door!

Ever since we have not looked back. We continue to grow, continue to improve, and continue to make fantastic new connections. The people behind the business are the true story of the company, from our colleagues, to our partners, to even 'rival' 3PLs! We cannot salute you more.

What do we actually do?

We have quite a range of solutions for our clients. Recognising a huge need for omni-channel fulfilment, we concentrate on offering a diverse suite of fulfilment options. Rather than being a 'Jack of all trades', we take a holistic approach and operate from a centralised inventory from which various forms of picking and packing can take place.

Depending on the fulfilment method required, be that preparing a product for Amazon FBA (FBA Prep), own-site order despatching (eg Shopify or WooCommerce), or a wholesale order with many different quantities of differing products, the items are sent to the corresponding location in our warehouse. For example, the FBA Prep department handles products very differently from the ecommerce fulfilment team, which again handles it differently from the wholesale warehouse team.

Beyond this scope, we also have great experience with running a respected retail name in the UK, USA, and Europe. Rather than letting this experience go to waste, we offer consultancy and operational services for Amazon and ecommerce sellers. Our extensive experience in this space, as well as fulfilment, enables us to offer a true all-in-one package, which many businesses will struggle to match.

Who are the people behind Danum Fulfilment?

Believe it or not, this company is a father and son-owned business. On a bright summer's day in 2016, overlooking a local windmill in the sunshine, a conversation started between us to launch in the Beauty Box industry. We would collate various products, and offer them in a high-end subscription box. The result? Total disaster. We had misjudged too much.

Rather than dwelling on this 'failure' we instead treated it as a setback, and opted to use the makeup products as a stock investment into the company. Within moments of listing a brown liquid eyeliner pen on eBay, the Ker-Ching noise resonated from the eBay app. At that moment we realised we did not need to reinvent the wheel. The retail company was born.

After business growth over subsequent years, we grew and expanded into the European and USA online markets, mainly through Amazon. We became specialists in our omni-channel model, as we sold through Amazon, eBay, and our own website. As time went on, our business handled fulfilment, Amazon account management, ASIN reinstatement (Amazon product page), Account reinstatements, and the list goes on. These services are now standard offerings for any Danum Fulfilment user.

What does the future look like?

Our fulfillment operation will continue to expand, offering 3PL services to businesses of all kinds, from across the globe. We will continue to strive for perfection, and never forget the humans behind each company, small or large. Never accepting that you are the perfect article is critical to not becoming complacent; perfection is something you strive for, but the reality no single person, and no single business is, in fact, perfect.

As for the future of ecommerce, well that is here to stay. It will continue to diversify, it will continue to frustrate, but it will also continue to provide opportunities to many entrepreneurs for years to come.

Are you in the game of ecommerce and trade?

We love to hear from all kinds of folks in the ecommerce and trade sector, especially when we can help solve your or your business' pain points. Our aim is simple; your success. We will provide support logistically, behind the scenes, and in consultancy roles for serious business people and entrepreneurs. We may not always be the cheapest but, as our customers can attest to, the levels of service you will receive are second to none.

If you want to know how we can really help your business grow, get in touch with us via the direct contact link , via emailing , booking an online face to face Google Meet session here or by messaging our business WhatsApp number +44(0)7792603755.



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