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Amazon FBA Returns - SOLVED

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Wouldn't it be amazing to see all your orders fly out and never have to worry about them again? The annoying and unfortunate truth is this is simply a pipe dream. However, if you partner with a great FBA Prep Centre or 3PL, they will be able to take the over-bearing burden off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Returns can be a result of a variety of order issues including, but not limited to:

  • Change of mind,

  • Product does not match description,

  • Wrong product sent,

  • Defect/damage to product,

  • Damage incurred due to transit, and

  • Product Recalls.

Depending on the type of return, the way in which the products must be handled varies. You, as the retailer or seller, will require certain information as to the product's condition, state of packaging and whether the reason for return matches expectation. These key pieces of information allow you to track product quality, customer satisfaction and product listing accuracy.

Many 3PLs do not have the ability to handle this, especially with Amazon FBA returns due to the level of complexities involved. FBA Returns frequently arrive with various issues in one parcel; some products may be change of mind, some may be inventory overstocks and some may be totally and utterly destroyed. Working through this can be a nightmare for anyone involved with it requiring painstaking time and effort to separate each and every item, before taking respective actions on each unit.

The process

Rear of delivery truck with plain brown parcels everywhere
Delivery truck with hordes of parcels

When a return is set in motion, whether that be your customer requesting a direct return on an MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network) order, or it is an Amazon FBA Removal Order, the products need to be shipped to a centre where goods can be inspected and the required work undertaken.

Upon receipt at Goods In, the shipments are booked in and are opened by a retuns specialist, whose job it is to dissect each carton, inspect every item and report back with the returns types and respective quantities. This information is filtered through to the customer, to keep them informed every step of the way.

Finally, the products are ready to be either destroyed, reworked or put straight back into stock. This is a highly manual part of the process and requires communication between the seller and FBA Prep Centre, in order to complete the process as quickly as possible. You will find that, despite the condition in which they arrive, the vast majority of products can be returned back to their former glory.

The solution

Danum Fulfilment Services is a specialist FBA Returns operator, with an ability to handle products on an automated and/or manual basis. As experienced Amazon FBA Sellers, the senior team at Danum knows just how important protecting margins is. Any money that can be saved by reworking a product, relabelling, cleaning, whatever else may be necessary, is of paramount importance to all involved.

Contact us today and see just how much money you could save by using Danum Fulfilment Services as your UK FBA Prep Centre.

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