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Our wholesale fulfilment solution enables fast, accurate and efficient service B2B.

Outsourcing your wholesale fulfilment operation can be a daunting idea. Danum Fulfilment Services can provide peace of mind, no matter the size of your business. With experience distributing to 5 star airlines, Amazon Fulfilment Centers and retailers, our experienced and conscientious staff provide a bespoke and seamless solution for your wholesale needs.

Products are stored in your dedicated area of the warehouse. Once a wholesale order is placed, our pick and pack team get to work and prepare the products to the standards required by you and your customer, keeping in line with legal requirements.

Hundreds of different packets of plant seeds, arranged on a shop dispaly.
Stacked rolls of fabric in a variety of colours

Once complete, we will book the shipment to be collected and delivered by one of our highly rated partner carriers. As an experienced exporter of products, we can offer international shipping without the requirement of paying import VAT in Europe. Learn more about our international shipping options here.

Give our expert wholesale division a call today on 01427 370545 or by contacting us today.

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